Sandyra Andrassy

I came to this planet to be in service to humanity, and to spread love, bliss and gratitude. I strive everyday to embody this aspiration as a human being, and through my roles as a healer and teacher.

I have been living in Auroville since 2008, on a path of healing the body, mind and soul, to discover and embody the sacred feminine,.

My work supports those who are longing to step into their own inner wisdom and Divine greatness—those who are searching for alignment with their essence, their source, their higher consciousness, their “I AM”. My work serves those who are ready to live a life that is heart-centred—to expand and transform, to live a life of bliss, love and abundance— and those who are ready for the journey of self-empowerment and the evolution of consciousness.

As a healer and teacher, I draw on 25 years of intensive experience across a wide field of trainings in Energy Healing and Coaching. I take the best of each of these trainings to create my own unique style which deeply resonates with the teachings of the ‘Mother’ and the wisdom of my soul.

Languages English, German

Sandyra offers Coaching, Healing and Workshops (click below):