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Flow into Joyful Transformation

Nov 26, 9am-5pm
Bhumika Hall, Auroville

This full-day workshop in Auroville has been designed to activate a radical transformation in your reality. Access your inner toolbox. Open doors to a new awareness. Embark on a guided journey that takes you through Transformation, Blossoming and Integration. We draw on different tools for soulful inquiry, such as the Flow Game, art-based explorations, embodied and earth-based practices, and Self-healing to support you in joyfully tapping into significant breakthroughs. 


“It was a very revealing, intense and powerful workshop. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a transformative experience.” – Bel

“It was a beautiful journey full of magic, sweetness and gentle unfolding of insight supported with your gentle guidance and wisely curated series of experiences. I flow into my day with ease, reminded that life supports me and that I am held in loving presence always.” – Kathy

Available on request.

To register: email or WhatsApp +91 962600696

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