Your journey in
healing and transformation


We offer transformational practices addressing all issues of body, mind, emotion..and soul, for conscious evolution

Our experienced international therapists are sharing healing, therapy and training in alternative health and wellness  on the background of Integral Yoga

We offer a diverse array of individual & group therapy sessions, as well as retreats and experiential learning workshops and webinars.

Our classes, workshops, and professional training programs enhance your knowledge and capacities in the realm of therapy and personal development. Jiva therapists are internationally recognized practitioners and educators in their respective fields.

The serene and spiritually charged community of Auroville, supports our work, as it creates a unique, harmonious and nurturing environment for healing.

JIVA Core Team


United by a profound dedication to shared values, well-being, and community, our team aspires to provide transformative therapies, coaching sessions, and classes for individuals on a journey to discover their best and authentic selves. We are here to guide and support those seeking personal growth and insight, and conscious evolution.

Sunlit Soul

Do you want to step into alignment with the frequency of your Divine Essence? Explore offerings for healing and inner transformation. Sandyra is an experienced guide, available for workshops, and one-on-one sessions, online and in person!

Sigrid Lindemann

Are you longing for a deep shift? Sigrid Lindemann focuses on deeply therapeutic work. Explore the subconscious reasons, experience transcendence and heal integrally on all levels of your being. Sessions available in person as well as online. Take a step into your soul’s evolution!


mirrabelle nonours 2

 At HorsetoHuman, we believe in the healing potential of the human-horse connection. Join this immersive experience, online or in person, where the wisdom of our equine partners meets the journey of personal growth. With our herd of 8 rescues, we promise to guide you to yourself!


Natural Horsemanship My son, now 12 years, joined Mirrabelles classes in Natural Horsemanship 2 years back. He is rather chatty and lives in his mind. I saw the progress in self confidence, and opening up emotionally within 2 weeks. Since now nearly 2 years, his twice weekly Natural Horsemanship classes with "his pony" and Mirrabelle is his favorite activity, and he is always sure to be on time to go! He has changed a lot, is so much more aware emotionally, and developed a keen observation of the living beings around him. All with just 1 pony!

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