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Transformational Life Coaching with Sandyra Andrassy

In-person or online session

Do you want to experience flow and move through life with ease and joy? If the calling for liberation and expansiveness is strong inside you, then this coaching session is for you. This session combines different tools, such as the Flow Game, Oracle or Tarot Cards, Body movement, Sound, Intuition, Deep Listening and Deep Self-Inquiry. Areas of life you might want to receive more clarity on, or an internal shift in, could be: Life Purpose, Health & Wellbeing, Spiritual Growth, Relationship, Family, Finances or you might want to look into your emotional, mental, social life or the quality of your life.

We recommend 3 sessions for deep Transformational Coaching: Transformation, Blossoming and Energetic Integration of the New.


  • 1st session: transform the energy of stuckness to open up to a new horizon.
  • 2nd session: Blossom and unfold the New, to step full-heartedly into the expansion.
  • 3rd session: Integrate the shift on a deep energetic level. In this session, we combine the insights received from the Coaching sessions with Energy Healing. The way forward is integrated on a high frequency level, and blockages released. 

    Overall benefits: Connect deeply with the wisdom of your soul and unleash your intuition. Experience the magic of dropping into your soul frequency and  connecting to your soul purpose. 

    The results are often experienced as being quick and profound, unexpected and clear, and practical—such that you can find yourself moving towards a powerful new expression of yourself.


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