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Flow Into Alignment with the Sacred

Do you aspire to receive deeper clarity on what your next most aligned step might be? If you have a question that’s burning inside you, then this space is for you. Discover a brave new way to align with the mysterious guidance of the Universe. Within every challenge, there often lies a transformative potential. We open sacred space around the Flow Game to tune into the messages that the Divine wants to offer you at this time, and the wisdom of your deeper heart. The game enables you to go deep into your own inquiry.


“The flow game is mind-blowing! It’s like a journey of self-discovery wrapped in an addictive game. I played it and BOOM! Clarity hit me like a lightning bolt. I found answers to my burning questions and gained a whole new level of insight. If you’re ready to unlock your inner wisdom while having a blast, this game is a must-try!” – Devansh, 22

“The experience far superseded my expectations. One word to sum up the experience for me—“Magical”. Not only did the afternoon leave me with the answer I was seeking, what I took back was a feeling of being deeply loved, supported and protected. What touched me the most was the feeling of being part of a collective consciousness. Who I believed to be complete strangers showed me exactly what I needed to see to take the next steps ahead. Heartfelt gratitude, Niharika, for your angelic presence and Divine facilitation.” – Ami, 37

Weekly Offerings: Monthly last Sunday, in Auroville. Registration required. 

With: Sandyra & Niharika

Also Available on Request: You can request a special team game for your organisation/community, or a special personal coaching session 1-1 using the Flow Game.

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