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Energy Healing - Body in Light, Divine Spine Alignment with Sandyra Andrassy

1.5 hr Healing Session (in-person or online)

In this powerful Energy Healing session, you will experience healing on different levels of your being, while being realigned to the Blueprint of your Soul, your Divine Essence. 

Everything in this universe emits a certain frequency, and there is a divine order within the chaos that we humans are constantly creating. During the session, your whole system becomes balanced and the frequency of your healed body will be re-established within you. Your body literally becomes prepared to be a high-frequency energy vessel, ready to transform into a new beingness. 

The Therapy:

●      Connects your being with your Divine Essence

●      Opens up the chakra system and allows an effective distribution of light energy throughout the entire system  

●      Realigns your spine and corrects any pelvic mis-alignment

●      Supports the release of personal/collective trauma, and karmic/ancestral memories

●      Purifies and rejuvenates your cells

●      Vitalizes your organs

●      Increases your vitality and vibration

●      Offers deep transformation, relaxation and inner wellbeing  

The session also provides tools for self-healing, which help you to maintain your optimum health and maintain the high frequency. By understanding the core principles of self-healing, you are supported in becoming your own healer.

One session can already be quite powerful, but it might require follow-up sessions.

Sandyra’s background in trainings:

●      Healing Touch, Reiki, Chakra and Aura Healing 

●      2-year training as Energy Healing Coach in the European Institute for Intuitive Intelligence 

●      Divine Spine Alignment, the centre of Sandyra’s healing offerings and training courses

●      Russian Healing Techniques, which work with an understanding of quantum physics, timelines and more

●      Holo-energetic Healing, Hypnotherapy Level 1 – 4

●      Ongoing Studies of the Mother’s teachings on the cells.

Therapist & Venue

Energy Healing

Languages : English and German


“I have received many sessions based on many healing modalities over the years, but this was a powerful way to be guided into the conscious self-healing process. Sandyra fosters awareness of the channels in the body to receive universal forces, and uses conscious touch to integrate it in the physical body. This translated into a deep journey into my body, heart, and soul.” – Marco, 43

“As I am a cranio-sacral and massage therapist since several years, I felt undecided about seeking therapy. I was very happily surprised as I received an amazing therapy, where all my wound points were expressed and Sandyra could see where my chakras were blocked. It was not at all an invasive therapy. In the next weeks, I could experience the difference in my life.” – Estelle, 54

“Since my healing session with Sandyra, I can feel that some very old fear-based patterns have strikingly reduced in their strength. My body feels prepared to open itself more fully to the frequency of Love.” – Niharika, 32