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Energy Healing - Body in Light, Divine Spine Alignment with Sandyra Andrassy

1.5 hr Healing Session (in-person or online)

This powerful Energy Healing technique:

– Opens up the chakra system and allows an effective distribution of light energy throughout the entire system

– Connects your being with your Divine Essence

– Supports the release of personal/collective trauma, and karmic/ancestral memories

– Realigns your spine and corrects your pelvic misalignment

– Purifies and rejuvenates your cells

– Vitalizes your organs

– Increases your vitality and vibration

– Offers deep transformation, relaxation and inner wellbeing

The session also provides tools for self-healing, which help you to maintain your optimum health and maintain the high frequency. By understanding the core principles of self-healing, you are supported in becoming your own healer.

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Energy Healing - Body in Light, Divine Spine Alignment