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Researching plants -

In honour of Hahnemann we offer a 1,5 day workshop: We offer to explore the essence of a plant in an experiential session, a  “trituration proving” , getting in touch its vibration and healing power. You will  learn about the new research in botany & homeopathy, which has become a precise science and very effective in holistic health approaches. Past 20 years a revolutionary approach has systematised homeopathic remedies, and psychology and homeopathy overlap in this new approach called “Sensation Method”:

We will dive into The Mother`s work on “Flowers and their messages”.

A visit to the  Auroville Botanical Garden & Pitchandikulam Forest & Nursery will make our connect to the natural world alive.

Dates: 16 & 17 Sept 2023

Time: Saturday 3- 6pm, Sunday 9 – 4pm

Venue: Integral Health

Trainer: Sigrid Lindemann, international faculty in Integral regressiontherapy, and Homeopathy (Sensation Method, Dr. Sankaran, Mumbai).

Fees: Rs 4800 (incl materials)

Therapist & Venue