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Our Cosmic Origins


Sri Aurobindos Yoga highlights the evolution of the psychic being, and even transcending the necessity for the ultimate catharsis, the shedding of the body at death.

But where do we, as souls, come from, originally?

Where is this “home” where departing souls return to, and some people yearn for all their lives? What happens in “near death experiences”?

Experiences in yogic practices such as pranayama, breathwork and meditation frequently offer glimpses into these spheres.

In integral regression therapy these questions can be explored with therapeutic benefits regarding one`s strengths and challenges in this life .

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have given surprising insight and wisdom to these questions.

Their clarity helps in widening the horizon, and moreover can be life changing.

We will explore this research topic together with some guided experiential sessions.

The workshop on the topics of Homing, Souls origins and evolution, presentation of research and experiential learning with a background in integral regression therapy and JIVA breathwork.

The transpersonal aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s work will be woven in.

This is a very special workshop for regression therapists and consciousness researchers.

Facilitator Sigrid Lindemann lives in Auroville for over 30 years. She is the founder of Integral Regression Therapy, based on Integral Yoga. Sigrid Lindemann teaches this modality and offers deeply transforming 1:1 sessions since 2015. She is a senior faculty in classical homeopathy (Dr. Sankarans Sensation Method) for past 20 years

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