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Letting Love Speak: Activate Your Connection with the Divine Shakti Within

Is your heart yearning to anchor into the Universal Love of the Great Mother?

Do you find yourself sometimes stuck in fear, and long to shift into the frequency of love?

Do you want to cultivate practices that support you in finding the authentic voice of that being within your heart?

By connecting with the aspects in which the Divine Shakti makes herself known: as Wisdom, Strength, Harmony and Creation; we aspire in this workshop to activate and access our gateways into her infinite field of Love.

We will use writing, art, meditation, mythical storytelling, and embodied practices to unlock our heart’s capacity to unfold as the innate instrument of Devotion expressing through us.

All you need is a heart that’s open to receiving the sweet nectar of the Great Mother’s Love, as we show up in circle with the humility of our heart’s sincere longing.

Time: 9am-5pm IST.

To register, WhatsApp Sandyra at +91 94436 19403

Facilitators: Sandyra & Niharika

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