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WOGA® (Yoga in Water) Classes with Friederike & Tamara

Yoga in water is based on classic yoga poses and stretches, modified for standing in pool water, which is waist-to-chest high. Classes are structured like their yoga equivalents on land: breathing, warm-up exercises, a series of poses, and a relaxation period. The difference is that you are in a warm
water pool (35°C).

The substantial decrease of gravity in warm water allows greater ease of movement, unblocks articulations, lengthens & melts muscles, and removes negative tensions, thereby preventing stress, insomnia and anxiety.

No previous experience required (also no need to be able to swim)!

Woga Instructors Friederike & Tamara (certified Woga Instructors)

Dates: 6 & 20 July  , 4.30- 6pm
WA +91 9626006961

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