Vikram Devatha

I am passionate about the Vedas, and have been studying Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Cosmology and Philosophy for several decades. I completed a post-graduate diploma in Vedic Astrology at the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and subsequently taught Astrology for 3 years at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in Bangalore (India). I have close to 20 years of experience in reading charts and teaching Vedic Astrology to people from all over the world.‚Äč

Apart from Astrology, I have written a book on Vedic Math, a system of mathematics that allows problems to be solved quickly and efficiently. This is the first installment in a series of books that seeks to present the material in a modular fashion. It is free of charge and available online. I am also passionate about Yoga, and am an avid practitioner. If you love yoga as much as I do, let’s chat!