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The Language of Pain

Webinar with Sigrid Lindemann  

9, 10, 11 January
7.30 – 9pm

An integral approach to healing is a way to discover the language of our subconscious expressing through the body, mind and emotions.

Sigrid Lindemann is sharing her 25 years’ experience, working as a homoeopath with the ‘Sensation Method’, an advanced method listening deeply to the subjective experience of pain. Furthermore Sigrid has created “Integral Regression Therapy”, and in these deeply transforming sessions, the inner dimensions of traumatic events and disease open to a wide array of experiences – be they from childhood, past lives, or generational trauma. These three experiential sessions with Sigrid Lindemann will provide insights into the individual weave and logic of body and mind.

Sigrid Lindemann’s own practice in Integral Yoga, living in Auroville for more than 30 years and her research in health and inner work, provide the foundation for this workshop.

Fee: Rs 2400

 Zoom recording will be shared

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