Our Cosmic Origins with Sigrid Lindemann

Regression therapy is deeply spiritual work – tracing the evolution of a soul through life times.

Homing – returning to one`s souls origin – is for many deeply researching clients the most  transforming session. Often ist a  reversal –  bringing purpose, love and service to humanity to the forefront.

For therapists themselves this transformative experience is highly beneficial, personally, and  also professionally, as ist clarifies and strengthens the therapeutic approach.


We offer an advanced workshop for regression therapists and consciousness researchers,

  • Insights on Souls origin, involution and evolution from Sri Aurobindos Integral Yoga,
  • Experiential sessions in „Homing“
  • Experiential sessions in JIVA Breathwork (Stan Grofs work),
  • Experiential sessions 3 afternoons with different Sound Baths – Russian Bells, Svaram, and Sunils music
  • Wider perspective – sharing the wisdom of many cultures across the globe, UFOs etc.
  • Evolution of Consciousness on earth – fuelled by connecting to Souls Origins?

Facilitator Sigrid Lindemann, founder and teacher in Integral Regression Therapy, supervisor in “Transpersonal Regression Therapy”,  and international faculty in advanced Homeopathy (Sensation Method Dr. Sankaran), in Germany and Auroville, living in Auroville, Pondicherry for more then 20 years. 

Therapist & Venue