Mirrabelle Borg Lindemann

Horse assisted therapy, Natural horsemanship, Leadership with Horses

My journey with horses started age 3, and has been my joy and research all my life since!
I am happy to offer a deeply therapeutic approach for children and adults in “Horse assisted therapy”, classes in Natural Horsemanship, and workshops “leadership with horses”, as well as a professional training in “Natural Horsemanship” and webinars.

Meet my 8 horses: Happy, Nounours, Monsoon, Pebbles, Banana, Flame, Choucou and Zoey – alle seizes, colors and characters!

Besides learning and living with horses, I deeply care for my dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and the many more animals in my life!

I am born in Auroville and am fluent in English, French, German, Tamil and speak a few more languages. I studied online topics on animal husbandry, veterinary, pedagogy and psychology.

My Instagram is @horsetohuman