Leela Therapy

What is Leela Therapy?

Leela Therapy is a transformative approach focused on healing and self-inquiry. Through therapeutic techniques and self-examination support, it fosters profound personal growth and realization.

Who can benefit?

Leela Therapy is suitable for anyone seeking a happier, more fulfilling life.

It supports individuals ready to address personal suffering and to deepen their heart-based sincerity. It can assist with challenges like anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, negative behavioural patterns, sense of dissatisfaction or relationship difficulties.

In addition, it supports those on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, providing a supportive push toward deeper understanding and fulfilment.

What can I expect?

A Leela Therapist meets clients where they are, from a stance of a True Friend – a quiet mind, open heart and not taking anything personally.

From this ground of being a client is guided, through therapeutic use of NLP and rapport, to uncover their present condition (expanded understanding of the presented issue) and desired condition (deep essential desire/natural aspects of self).

The journey of discovery continues to an intervention stage, with optional assistance of therapeutic trance.

It works on the following levels:

  1. Symptom removal (negative behaviours, thoughts and feelings)
  2. Emotional healing for ego strengthening (working with ego’s inherent lack of self-worth)
  3. Self-inquiry & insight facilitation for ego transcendence (deepening self-realization)

Insights into the structure of our ego can be aided using the ancient teaching of Enneagram of Liberation, to discover where one is identifying as self, and understand deeper causes of personal suffering.

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According to Kardash, the guiding that shines through is beautifully aligned with Sri Aurobindo’s guidance on sincerity and surrender.

*Note: The structure of each session may vary, according to the presenting needs of the ‘client’.