Courses & Workshops

Intro to Integral Regression Therapy: Oct 9, 2023
10am-1pm in Auroville, or 7 - 9 pm ONLINE

Intro Session:

Integral regression therapy and energy work based on Sri Aurobindo and The Mothers integral Yoga, integrating trauma therapy, pastlife regression therapy, inner child work, NLP, and a client centric approach.
Typically, integral regression therapy addresses unexplainable pains, traumata from accidents or early childhood, questions about past lives, life purpose or restricting behaviour patterns.
Individual therapy sessions of 2-3 hrs are offered by Sigrid on request.
Watch Sigrids interview with Jim Garrison, Ubiquity University, San Francisco, California on “Integral Yoga applied: Heal and transformation with Integral Regression Therapy”

Training in Integral Regression Therapy An in- depths training is offered through a series of 4
webinars detailing the theoretical backbone of this deeply healing modality. Therapists wishing to
integrate this approach in their psychotherapeutic or body- mind – healing work shall come for 3
practice workshops inbetween theory modules in Auroville, The practice and personal experience
will enable them to practice facilitating the 2hrs therapy sessions, and their own personal

The first of 7 modules consisting of 2 webinar sessions will take place in Sept 2023,

Fee for the Workshop : Rs 750/- including GST

Integral Regressiontherapy – One Session – work of several hypnotherapy sessions, and a dozen of psychotherapy sessions..

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