Welcome to HorsetoHuman – Where horses heal hearts and humans find their truest selves!

Our Story & Mission

Founded in 2015 with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and empower both horses and humans, we are now a small team of dedicated individuals and a herd of 8 horses. Our journey began with a passion for natural horsemanship and a deep-seated commitment to kindness and compassion as the basis of our training methods. We truly believe in the transformative power of horses and the profound connection one can establish with our equine partners. 

HorsetoHuman is not just a rescue center but rather a place for healing, learning and growth for horses and people alike. We offer sessions in natural horsemanship, horsemanship as therapy, leadership training and horse care and management. At the heart of all our different course offerings is the belief that horses have much to teach us about communication, leadership and empathy.

Our herd of eight rescued horses serve as living testaments to the power of love and compassion. Each one has a unique story, but together, they embody resilience, strength and the beauty of second chances. 

Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of horse behaviour, or looking to go on a journey of self discovery and personal growth, or finding ways to cope with your neurodivergency, or just looking to connect with like minded individuals who share your passion, we promise you will find a warm welcome and supportive community with us at HorsetoHuman.

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Individual and group sessions on request. Timing usually between 8- 10 am, and 4 – 6 pm.

Our Offers:

This can be done as a single lesson or as a course.

2 Webinars :

  1. In Sync with your Horse: Natural Horsemanship Online for you and your horse ( you will be guided on the application of Natural Horsemanship concepts with your horse).

2)Horse Care and Management (you will learn about horse care and management from hoof to mane, inside and out!) 

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Therapist & Venue

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At the age of 37, Flame is the oldest pony in the herd. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and teachings for her younger counterparts in the herd. She maybe old, but she knows when, where and how to draw her boundaries as and when required. She is a specialist in finding the best grazing spots with the best seasonal munchies. She is also our main therapy pony as her big heart and calm demeanor easily draws people in and she excels at working with neuro-divergent kids.


Nounours is the stallion of our herd. As his name suggests, he is also very much like a teddy bear. The connection he offers to the people he interacts with is truly special. He came to us from the Anthiyur Fair and was severely malnourished with really terrible digestion. He is now a gorgeous 8 year old, who is curious and always ready for gentle play, especially with his main trainer, Mirrabelle. The connection they share goes beyond what words can express and is truly one to watch with awe. She has transformed him from a timid 6 month old to a majestic and playful, respectful and happy stallion.



Just like Nounours, Monsoon was also a rescue from the Anthiyur Fair. Having all four of her legs tied and a deep sadness in her eyes, Mirrabelle chose to rescue Monsoon at the age of 1. She is now a powerful and beautiful mare just over the age of 9. Although we jokingly refer to her as our “resident bulldozer”, she is the best teacher there is when it comes to teaching people to remain calm and present. She also prefers to work with people on a one on one and hence can pose quite the challenge for the less knowledgeable. However, she is one who will pour her heart and soul into the connection with you once you manage to establish it. 


Happy came to us after having been retired from the racing industry due to a gnarly injury. His fate was to be euthanized had we not heard of him and rescued him. He is really what we like to call a gentle giant. Being the biggest horse in our herd, he stands tall and loves to laze around splashing himself at the water trough most of the day. We truly believe he was meant to be a seahorse in another life. Even though he has such an intimidating stature, he really is a cuddly giant and loves to rest his head upon ours and give us plenty of licks. He also has an affinity towards kids and his playful nature is a blessing to our younger herd members. 



Zoey came to us in August 2017 and is the tiniest member of our herd. However, she might be tiny but her spirit and heart know no bounds. Her trials and tribulations are once which would even make the toughest horses crumble, however with lots of love, care, kindness and compassion, she is now one of our safest ponies to work with babies and children. Her patience is limitless and she enjoys long grooming sessions and treats. She has taught countless adults and children about the importance of not judging and underestimating someone just because of their outwardly appearance. 



Pebbles came to us in February 2018 after being rescued off the streets of Chennai. In the first meet, it was very obvious that this is a pony that has never received any love or care from people in her life. However, she has now grown to be one of the most confident horses in our herd. All she needed was a safe space where her voice was going to be respected every single time. Happy and her share a beautiful bond and she can usually be found standing under his tail. Recently, her and Sahana have formed a beautiful connection, so they can often be found hanging out together and spending undemanding time with each other.



Chouchou came to us from a commercial riding school where she was declared not a good fit to work with children. The day we brought her home, she was trotting alongside us the whole way, as if excited to come home. She has made leaps and bounds in her personal transformation. The pony that used to be flighty and reactive is not now afraid to make her opinion known and hold her ground against the louder horses in the herd. Once shut down, she is now starting to find her true inner voice and we are delighted to see and discover more of her sassy personality!


Banana is the most recent addition to our herd and possibly the most entertaining one. Never have we seen a horse more curious and prone to getting himself in the most unlike horse situations ever! He is a master at figuring out how to open stables and doors with his mouth and is quite possibly the most extroverted pony in the herd. He will be the first one to check out anything new at the horse field, be it people or things. He is young and full of playful energy and brings so much joy and frustration in equal amounts to us and the other horses, much like most kids.