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OBA® (Oceanic Bodywork Aqua) Basic - Liquid Joy with Fred

OBA (Oceanic Bodywork Aqua) is an aquatic bodywork modality given in a warm water pool. It combines elements of light movements and stretching, massage and joint mobilization in connection with breathing and energy work,
conducted both on the surface and under water.

During this course,  you’ll learn a sequence of simple movements, both on the surface as well as under water and practice basic techniques and qualities of being (grounding, presence, stillness, movement, attention) while moving another person in water. You’ll experience floating other people and being floated, thereby creating a space for deep relaxation and nurturing body, mind and spirit.

OBA offers an opportunity for profound relaxation and letting go, building trust, being nurtured and held, expanding inner and outer boundaries, releasing emotions and traumas – ultimately, for freeing body and mind in a flow, unique to each client and each session. No previous experience required!


Prerequisites: No previous experience required.

Dates: 21 &  22 October

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