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JIVA Breathwork with KC Thomas

JIVA Breathwork is an intensive, cathartic, deep release, by sessions focussed for 2-3 hrs on breathing, a bit stronger and deeper as usual.

Through this simple yet powerful practice, memories, emotions, and easing of tensions in the body take place, entirely at the pace of the breather. A sitter and the facilitators hold this experience in a safe, supporting space. This selfdirected process is empowering the life force to heal that which is surfacing at the moment.

Themes: Workshop 20 – 24 Aug : Spiritual emergency

Workshop 27 – 31 Aug Music to carry the soul

In the words of Stan Grof: “Holotropic states bring to consciousness that which has a strong emotional charge in us already. Something
that is psychodynamically relevant at the time and is most available for us for conscious processing.” When we enter a holotropic state with the intention of healing and self-discovery, it invites a kind of inner radar that scans our
unconscious and brings to consciousness that material to which we most need to
attend and heal

Facilitator is KC Thomas, faculty of Grof Transformational Work representative for India, Sri Lanka and Thailand) KC Thomas has guided over 130 workshops, and several hundred breathwork sessions.

Co Facilitator is Sigrid Lindemann

Workshop1 20- 24 Aug, Workshop 2 27- 31 Aug

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