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Family constellation with Moghan

“An episode in an unremembered tale, it’s beginning lost, it’s motive and plot concealed, a once living story has prepared and made our present fate, child of past energies”

~Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

In our lives “hidden dynamics” can cause results we never intended. Unconsciously these Dynamics create our Fate. To become aware of them, can bring back Choice. Applying Family constellation technique we can, in an intuitive way, find the insights and energy to choose consciously for the changes we want.

In our healing workshops we offer participants to be part of a group experience. You might either do your own constellation, be chosen as a representative in someone else’s constellation or be an attentive and involved observer. In whatever way you participate, you will have access to a field of truth and awareness that will resonate with your own story and help you generate the needed energy to go for the changes you want in your life.

Moghan offers training in Family constellation , partly online and partly through workshops , with 8 training modules and a structured program.

MOGHAN is a long time aurovilian, psychotherapist and trainer ,he offers Family and systemic constellation facilitator trainings as well as group and one on one healing sessions since over 15 years.

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Moghan Mehlem

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