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The Incarnating Soul

Webinar 11, 12, 13 Dec 2023 ||  7.00 to 8:30 pm

A webinar to shed a light on early memories of birth and early infancy, and their lifelong impacts, and even the earlier, the prenatal and karmic imprints in rebirth.

Mother and Sri Aurobindo wrote on birth and prebirth experiences, which is  very much in line with what modern research has discovered past 30 years.

In integral regression therapy its possible to access early, even very early  memories, in order address these therapeutically and overcome lifelong limitations.

The inner research of one’s life purpose and the trajectory of the soul over life times can be explored fruitfully and with precision as well.

The Webinar will include short interactive elements for participants to explore and access their inner wisdom around their “incarnating soul”.

Fees: Rs 2400
Zoom Recording will be shared

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