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The way of the heart – 5days Sufi Retreat with Nirupam

Explore Sufi techniques Zikr & Whirling,
Gurdjeff sacred dances, active meditation,
breath work, meditation… all to guide you to an
open heart and a silent mind…
A deeply meditative yet physically active
“Life changing 5 days”-

“Never have been so close to my inner self”
“Yes, I broke through my emotional blocks, finally…. in such a caring, loving

Sufi Nirupam Gyan has decades of experience , research and practices meditation
and sufi practices such as whirling, Zikr, poetry.
His last 2 workshops received enthusiastic feedback ; his enormous background and repertoire has him guide every group in the present moment, taking utmost care of individual transformative processes.

We are happy to organise the 7 th workshop with Nirupam, early registration required.

Venue: CRIPA
Info and Registration Whatsapp 9626006961

Fee of the workshop : Rs 11,000/-  Group Discount : Rs 9000/- including GST

Therapist & Venue