Integral ReiKi Healing with Niyati

Reiki The Science To Realize The Absolute. An easy therapy to bring body, mind and soul in unison and as an result bestow on onself naturalness, awarness & totality or completeness of life & living. “Rei” means Omni Present and “Ki” means Life Force. ReiKi therapy is channeling the abundant life force to a concentration for healing. Reiki energy works with the Chakras of the body, healing the tangible and intangile aspects of health.

A pre-talk before the session, and see where we need to focus!

The session would contain-

1) removal of trauma energy, stagnant energies and negative blocks(both physical or energetical) 

2) connecting all chakras with energy centre 

3) a part of cranio – sacral therapy(for deep relaxation) 

4) harmonizing and recharging your energy field 

5) containment and protection through divine light


Duration would be 1-1:30 hrs

Therapist & Venue


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