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Jiva Breathwork Facilitator Training

Jan 2024 – Dec 2024

Facilitators: KC Thomas and Sigrid Lindemann

Training in JIVA Breathwork

Participants take part in several sessions of 2-3 hrs of intense breathing, which leads to deep physical and emotional release. Furthermore, inner journeys frequently lead to memories of childhood or birth, and also of past lives and spiritual realms. JIVA Breathwork is a well researched practice, providing a safe space with an attendant, to an enhanced self healing experience.

In the words of Grof: “Holotropic states bring to consciousness that which has a strong emotional charge in us already. Something that is psychodynamically relevant at the time and is most available for us for conscious processing.” With a bit faster and deeper breathing we enter a holotropic state with the intention of healing and self-discovery – it invites a kind of inner radar that scans our unconscious and brings to consciousness that material to which we most need to attend and heal. Holotropic states of consciousness, then, are those non-ordinary, expansive, states that invite and support this innate movement towards wholeness.

The 5 day workshops can be booked each separately to empower your personal healing.

At the same time, the workshops are modules of the 8 modules facilitator training in JIVA Breathwork


  • 7- 11th January, 2024: Module 1: Theoretical Framework
  • 14- 18th January, 2024: Module 2: Bodywork Part -1
  • First 2 weeks of April 2024 : Module 3 & 4: Spiritual Emergency, Music for Breathwork Sessions

For all info and registration, WA +91 9626006961

Your JIVA Breathwork trainers are:

KC Thomas Kurianthanam
K.C.Thomas has a Masters in Philosophy and a Diploma in Integral Counselling Psychology. He has taught in Montfort College (Bangalore), Institute of St. Anselm (Kent,  U.K), Sophia Centre, Holy Names University (Oakland, Califfornia). He is a certified  facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork and is a practitioner of different forms of breathwork. He has been facilitating breathwork since 2016 and has conducted over 100 workshops in different parts of India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya and United States. He is currently the Founder Director of Don Bosco Institute of Psychology and Spirituality, Trivandrum.

Sigrid Lindemann
Sigrid started experiencing Breathwork in 2013, and is a senior therapist in integral regression therapy, encompassing Trauma Therapy, Inner Child Work, Energy Work, Pastlife therapy, since 2015. Sigrid is an international faculty in Classical homeopathy, Sankaran Method, since 2004 , training German homeopathic doctors in certified seminars in Germany and Spain. Sigrid is a faculty in WISH, World Institute for Sensation Method Homeopathy.

Jiva Auroville will certify those who complete all the requirements. This includes:

  1. Attending all the 6 training modules.
  2. Attending 5 additional breathwork sessions.
  3. Two consultations with 5. Presentation of a brief history of the breathwork journey of the trainees (Written -2 pages maximum and oral – 10 minutes maximum)

The full training costs:
Paid upfront , for all 6 modules, the fee is reduced by 20 %,
Fee per block , for each of the 3 blocks

Via Online transfer , mentioning “Your Name, Breathwork Facilitator Training “

Refund policy:
The training modules can be taken at any point in time, but in the prescribed sequence. It is preferred that the full sequence of training is taken up during the 1 year, and participants are able to start offering breathwork sessions.
In case a module or a block is missed, the participant can continue at the next time the module is offered. There is no refund if participants fail to continue the facilitator training for reasons other then disease, or major personal emergency.
In case the Breathwork facilitation training is discontinued, Jiva Auroville will refund the payments fully.

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