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Integral Regression Therapy - Training

Integral Regressiontherapy

Tracing your evolution…as a soul incarnated.

 Integral Regressiontherapy is able to

–   resolve trauma, due to
accidents, birth or life situations,

–   answer the questions pertaining
to earlier incarnations,

–   unblocking Child memories and
its conclusions now restricting full potential, and

–   address longstanding health
issues without direct medical causes.

 A therapy encompassing

Integral Yoga and

•The universal realities of
Karma and Dharma

Soul Evolution through embodied

Revisiting memories of this life, earlier incarnations and more

Transforming earlier conclusions, unblocking energies, harvesting

Growing awareness of your soul`s evolution

 The 2- 3 hours Sessions in Integral

Regression Therapy focus in either 

Accident Trauma Relief (incl operations)

Inner Child work

Birth and pre-birth experiences

Pastlife Regression and death experiences

   •Energy work


Aim of the course

The theoretical background of the course
will be presented as webinar, and the therapeutical work will be practised in person
in Auroville, with mandatory sessions and practice session with co-students.  


Webinars –  theory modules

include a deeper understanding of human
psychology, inner child work, pastlives, reincarnation, energy work,
healing  and what it takes to  transform these – in the light of integral
yoga and conscious evolution. Webinars can be attended by all interested in
these fascinating topics.  


The full course

Webinars & practice seminars is
designed to enable participants with a background as psychotherapists,
psychologists, healers to facilitate transformational sessions in integral
regression therapy.

In the presence seminars participants are
trained to stay focussed and present, grounded, as to facilitate 2 -3 hrs long
sessions. (Exercises in meditation, awareness, grounding, breath work, etc. ).

Further, the facilitators practise how to
conduct the sessions in integral regression therapy  from intake, to the steps to enter
regressions, and then to heal through release on physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual levels.

These 2- 3 hours Sessions focus in

•       Accident Trauma Relief (incl operations)

•       Inner Child work

•       Birth and pre-birth experiences

•       Pastlife Regression and death experiences

•       Energy work


Sigrid Lindemann

Sigrid lives in Auroville past 30 years,
and deeply involves in the therapeutic work since then. Her inner search led
her first to Auroville, and its philosophy , and then  to internationally renowned teachers
advancing research in therapeutic modalities and consciousness . She has
developed “Integral Regressiontherapy” based on her practice and research with Classical
homeopathy, and hypnotherapy and transpersonal regressiontherapy

Course in
Integral Regression Therapy:


Module 1 – 2x 3 hrs  Online  

Modul 2 – Online – 2x 3 hrs 

Trance and Trauma

Module 3 – 3 days in Auroville  ATR Accident
Trauma relief 

Module 4 – Online 2x 3 hrs – Inner Child Work

Module 5 –  3 days in Auroville – Inner child Work

Module 6 – Online 2x 3 hrs – Past Life Regression Theory

Module 7 – 3 or 4 days in Auroville – Past Live Therapy & Attachments

Extra Modules – 2 days in Auroville

Therapist & Venue



~ Niyati Thakkar

My experience with integral regression therapy has been truly transformative. Through this journey, I have gained profound healing and a deep understanding of myself like never before. It allowed me to connect my past life experiences to my present, unraveling the intricate threads of my existence and revealing the profound interconnectedness of my soul's journey. The inner child work was particularly touching, providing a safe space to release shame and guilt. This healing journey has been miraculous, enabling me to embrace my calling as an energy healer and Reiki therapist. Integral regression therapy is life-changing, providing tools to navigate challenges with grace. I wholeheartedly recommend it for unlocking your soul's treasures and embracing true potential.

Abhaya edit

~ Abhaya Balaji

I did the Integral Regression Therapy course with Sigrid in 2023 in Auroville. Having done all four sessions, I found the course to be very helpful for me personally. I moved through some limiting patterns and beliefs by releasing it from the source with her help. The course has a healthy balance of theory and practical that gives enough opportunity to test the concepts with peers. Sigrid is methodological, structured, patient and very good at regression therapy. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to explore inner child healing, past lives and trauma release.