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Sacred dances of Gurdjeff with Nirupam Gyan

Experience the Sacred Dances of Gurdjeff – a tool to being present, in the moment, aware – and not asleep. Gurdjieff movements help to balance our 3 centers: the physical, the emotional and the intellectual. Through the unusual combination of movements, the asymmetry, the will to break habits, they help us to acquire a new quality of presence. It’s a meditation through the movements. While being in the movement, we may experience the stillness inside, and be simultaneously aware of our inner and outer space.

Facilitator Nirupam Gyan has researched, practiced and taught Gurdjeffs movement and active meditations extensively.

Venue Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

Fee for the workshop : Rs 6,500/- including GST WA 09626006961

For registration Sigrid,  whatsapp 9626006961

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