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Aquatic Body Work Training at Quiet Healing Centre

Watsu & OBA are aquatic bodywork modalities given in a warm water pool (ideally 35°C)

The flowing interaction with water, its fluid support and warm embrace, and the practitioner’s presence provide a space for the client to experience the multi-layered benefits of this powerful and softening bodywork.

Aquatic Body Work (Watsu, OBA) offer an opportunity for profound relaxation and letting go, for building trust, for being nurtured and held, for expanding inner and outer boundaries, for releasing emotions and traumas—ultimately, for freeing body and mind in a flow unique to each client and to each session.

Certified courses by  WABA Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association:

  • WATA Fundamental with Roberto: December 10 – 15 December

  • Watsu® & OBA® Basic with Dariya & Daniel: 19 – 24 Dec, same course 16 – 21 February, 2024

  • Woga® 1&2 (Yoga in Water): with Dariya 16 &17 December

  • Watsu® Yoga Round: with Fred & Roberto 18 December

  • Watsu® Basic: with Petra Buschfeld 23 & 24 January

Therapist & Venue

Dariya Kuznik

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